Thursday, January 29

Inquiring minds want to know

Since Sex and the City is reaching the end of its run, my friends and I are picking up the slack. Now usually I don't use this site as a venue for frank sexual discussion, and I have to ask myself, "Why not?" The question of the day for my friends and I is this: How many are too many? Now, when you're talking about chocolate-chip cookies, too much is never enough. When you're talking about sexual partners, it's a different story. Assuming that all involved are disease-free, what's the cut-off number? At what number do you say, "Um, yeah, no thanks. I gotta go now"? 12? 38? 136?

I don't think there's a definitive number. I would never end a relationship just because the person I was dating had been with 30 other people. However, there is a point at which a number can become ... intimidating. That number, however, is variable, as it relates to the number of people you yourself have been with. (This is not the point at which I reveal my number, people. Keep dreaming.) And, though I am loathe to admit my sexism, I have to admit that I will allow for a much higher number for men than for women -- although I'm not making judgements here, there is a certain point at which I am unable to keep my eyebrow from raising.

Would the, um, intimidation factor ever keep you from dating someone? Is this something both partners need to be (loosely) equal on? And if a high number would bother you, why? Is it a jealousy thing, a morals thing, or just a ... thing?

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