Monday, January 12

A night at the theater

I went to the Somerville Theatre last night to see Kill Bill. (On a side note, I hate when places spell theater like that. It just seems pretentious.)

After taking our tickets, the usher directed us to the left and downstairs. I was bemused; I'd never been instructed to go downstairs at a theater before. On the way down, I spotted this network of lines which I thought would make a cool photo (and I had my handy new digital camera), but my friend assured me it would not turn out because it was so dark. She was wrong; I was right; god's in his heaven, etc. I love the Somerville Theatre for many reasons: Cheap tickets, great local music, and the building itself is old school. There are random owls dotting the interior, and I really wanted to take pictures of some of them, but I didn't get a chance. Maybe it's because I've only had the camera a few weeks, but I'm still a little trigger shy in public. I just couldn't shoot the weird owl sconces once other people were there.

Oh, yeah, and the movie kicked ass. I'm so glad I didn't go see something more boring, like any of the Oscar contenders. (Overheard while buying my tickets: "If you want to change your mind and see Kill Bill, I'm okay with that," the man said to the woman buying tickets for Lost in Translation.)

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