Friday, January 9

Small doses

I know certain things are bad for me: Drinking, smoking, cheeseburgers, spending too much time on the internet, spending too much time with certain people who I love anyway, bananas, costume jewelry, etc. I'm always convinced, however, that I can escape harm if I limit myself to small quantities of these things. I'm just going to quickly check my e-mail. Maybe if I only eat half a banana, I won't have an allergic reaction. I can have dinner with X, because I'm over it. Really, two margaritas never killed anyone.

Except, I never want just a bite, or just one drink, or just dinner. I want everything super-sized, with a pitcher of margaritas to wash it down, and a lifetime of dinners and lunches and breakfasts. And sometimes, I think that's okay. It's who I am; it's part of my charm. But maybe I could be happier if I learned to enjoy moderation. To savor the little things I have, instead of the big things I want.

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