Sunday, February 1


Pam and I took a two-hour drive last night to see the Springfield Spirit. "The who?" I can hear you asking. (It's part of my spidey-sense, people. Or is it my bionic ear? I never remember which.) The Spirit is a semi-pro women's basketball team. Clearly, I am not getting enough women's basketball, so I had to leave the state to get me some. (BC was at Notre Dame yesterday and let's not talk about it, because I'll cry, okay? I'll cry.) Actually, a big part of why I wanted to see a game is because BC's own Brianne Stepherson is starting for the Spirit and doing a damn fine job of it, too. It may have been one of the coolest things of my fan-life to see Bree take on Tina Thompson. (It was also very cool to be this close to Tina Thompson. She has attitude enough for three basketball players, and she was not afraid to give the refs a piece of her mind. Many times.)

All in all, the game itself was a little disappointing -- a lot of the players were phoning it in, making for a lethargic first half. It was also a little sad to see players of this caliber playing in a tiny gym at Central Connecticut State. I know I'm supposed to be happy that they're playing at all, but I'm not.

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