Saturday, March 27

Boston girl

Every movie Ben makes from now on should be set in Boston. Because he just can't hide who he is. All throughout Jersey Girl, I expected him to bust out with his patented shit-eating grin and a Red Sox cap. Actually, all throughout the movie, I was thinking one thing and one thing only: Man With Child. Unbelievably hot man with child. Ben hasn't looked this good since ... never, so he needs to stick with whatever Kevin Smith was telling him to do. The movie itself was not very good -- too much forced into one short movie, Liv Tyler's character was never developed, and if I see one more goddamn movie with a kid acting in a "pageant" again, I'm going to kill myself. Did anyone ever have one of these fictional things occur in real life? I was never in a pageant my entire fucking life, nor were any of my three sisters, or anyone else I've ever met. Just stop with this particular Hollywood cliche, please.

And show me more Ben Affleck. Holy eye-candy, Batman. Damn.

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