Monday, March 22

First-name basis

This morning, I scribbled on a post-it:
  • Victor
  • Jonatha
  • Rocky
Which was, of course, just a way to remind myself to blog about watching Raising Victor Vargas, listening to Jonatha Brooke, and re-watching Rocky.

Raising Victor Vargas was a sweet movie that reminded me how glad I am that I am neither a teenager nor a boy. Jonatha's latest, Back in the Circus, is quickly becoming a favorite, despite the number of covers on the album. I typically disapprove of ripping off other people's music, but she puts enough of her own spin on things that I forgive her. (I'm most surprised by how much I enjoy her rendition of Fire and Rain.) And I had to watch Rocky last night after reading Premiere's list of 100 best movie characters, which included, of course, the Italian Stallion himself at #64. People laugh now, but the first Rocky was an amazing movie. Rocky was a bum and Adrian was a loser, and I fell in love with them both. Their first kiss ranks high on my list of best movie kisses of all time. And while everyone remembers "Adrian!" at the end of the movie, my favorite line has to be Stallone's delivery of "Absolutely," after Adrian asks him if he wants a roommate.

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