Sunday, March 7

Respect my authority

This morning I'm buzzing down 128, doing a respectable 80 mph, playing my music way too loud, steering negligently with one hand, doing the kind of slouching-in-my-seat thing that I like to do when the sun is out and the temperature is above -30. I notice that someone has crawled right up on my ass, and I think, "Whatever, asshole. I'm going more than fast enough." After he's been on my tail for a few minutes, I straighten in my seat to get a better look at the guy and attempt to determine whether or not the finger is in order. And that's when I see that the asshole behind me is a state trooper. Now, I'm clearly in flagrant violation of the speed limit (as is he), but his main concern does not appear to be how quickly I'm driving, but how quickly I can get out of his way so he can go even faster. I take the next opportunity to switch lanes, and he whizzes right past me. Clearly, there was no emergency (as he didn't run his lights or sirens), he just wanted to drive fast like the rest of us. Which I respect.

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