Thursday, April 1

Here comes the rain again

I hate how the weather affects my mood sometimes. In general, I like the rain. I like listening to it fall outside, I like the way the world gets gray and blurry, I like the way I have a perfect excuse to not leave my house. But I'm starting to feel a little like Mariana in the moated grange here, people. The world is dreary! I am aweary! I would that I were dead, etc.

In college, I made a mixed tape of all my favorite songs about rain -- the aforementioned Eurythmics, November Rain, Have You Ever Seen the Rain? -- but now I can't remember how I filled 90 minutes of tape with rain songs. I miss tapes. There was something soothing about that gentle hiss, there was something special about someone making you a tape that just isn't duplicated in someone burning you a CD.

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