Sunday, April 11

On the sly

I'm sneaking off for my daily fix of blogs, as I was awoken at an ungodly hour this morning by my little sister telling me that I was late for Easter festivities. (She apparently drew the short straw in the 'who gets to wake up Jen?' lottery.) I was up until 6 a.m. finishing Angels & Demons, so getting up at noon was not my idea of a good time. I tried to check my e-mail and the usual suspects before I departed for the trek northward to Nashua, but between Earthlink being a bitch and my iBook being grumpy about being awoken from its peaceful slumber, I got bupkus.

So here I am, furtively blogging from my sister's computer room, trying to wake up and get into the whole eat-candy-and-ham-and-mashed-potatoes-until-you-want-to-puke spirt of the holiday. Wish me luck.

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