Friday, April 30

Put your verse where your mouth is

Did you know that today is put a poem on your blog day? (Yeah, I didn't either, but Pea and Rogue Slayer did. They're smart like that.)

I'm a recovering English major, so I know a lot of poetry. And I love a lot of poems. I can't decide between "I Knew a Woman" by Theodore Roethke (so fucking good) or ee cummings "unlove's the heavenless hell." Cummings' poem is shorter, so he wins:

unlove's the heavenless hell and homeless home
of knowledgeable shadows (quick to seize
each nothing which all soulless wraiths proclaim
substance; all heartless spectres, happiness)
lovers alone wear sunlight. The whole truth
not hid by matter; not by mind revealed
(more than all dying life, all living death)
and never which has been or will be told
sings only – and all lovers are the song.
Here (only here) is freedom: always here
no then of winter equals now of spring;
but april's day transcends november's year
(eternity being so sans until
twice i have lived forever in a smile)

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