Tuesday, April 6


Today, I had to wear the twin set with the pearls. I had to. I was having lunch with my dad, and without the armor, I would have felt all of 12. As it was, I had lunch with my dad in the student center, and I was stretching to feel 14. There's just something about being in the presence of your parents that makes you feel ... a little less than professional. I did give him a brief tour of my lovely campus, however, and the sheer breadth of my knowledge of random facts about Wellesley amazes even me. I almost bought my niece a Wellesley t-shirt, but since she didn't even want to come to campus to see me, I refrained. ("I don't like colleges," she says. Typical 13-year-old. She'll be singing a different tune when she wants to play ye olde Wellesley Legacy Card.)

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