Monday, April 26

Sporting goods

I signed up for a trial subscription to Sports Illustrated because I'm turning into a raging sports fiend. (I need some back-up -- you know, solid writing and stats to prove that the Yankees suck.) I haven't subscribed previously because the definitive lack of coverage of women's sports totally pisses me off, and back in the day, I had SI: Women to fill all my sporting-news needs. Now that I've taken on the Red Sox and the Patriots and have even begun to develop a little tiny seedling of an interest in Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets and I can't get enough NCAA basketball coverage, well, I think I need a little help now. I'm only testing out SI, however. I'm also considering ESPN magazine because at least ESPN acknowledges the idea that women play sports. I haven't made any decisions yet. I make chuck both of them and make do with my Women's Basketball magazine.

Thinking about these magazines makes me a little sad. A few years ago, someone asked me what my dream job was. I promptly replied, "Writing for Sports Illustrated: Women." I don't have a dream job anymore, people. Suggestions welcome.

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