Tuesday, May 11

Exercising my blogging muscles

So, I'm exercising tonight, and let me establish this right now: I hate it. I hate exercise. It sucks. (You know that endorphin rush crazy-runner-types rave about? They're nuts. Don't listen to them. You're bored, you're sweaty, it sucks.) So, to initiate the complete dorkdom, I'm reading Wired magazine whilst riding the bike. Enough geekery for anyone (and I keep noticing how much the magazine design looks like web design. And then I keep reminding myself that it's supposed to). Not for a second while reading the magazine do I forget that I am simultaneously peddling up and down imaginary hills, on imaginary trails that do not exist. I am not going anywhere, and I'd rather be on the couch watching the post-game show.

The mind wanders (as mine in particular is so wont to do), and I start thinking about redesigning my site. Setting up a test site, what I want to change, what I want to keep, and as I'm laying things out in my head, I forget that I'm exercising. For several glorious moments, I completely forget. I've discovered the key to a healthy lifestyle: distraction via blog. I should write an article: How Blogging Saved My Health. Maybe if I got one of those nifty machines with the computer and internet all built in, I could become the Buffest Woman Alive. Or, at least, the Buffest Woman Alive Who Also Drinks Way Too Much Mountain Dew.

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