Monday, June 21

Burnt by the Sun

Jen, Pam, and I went to see the Connecticut Sun take on the Washington Mystics yesterday. And let me tell you, people, there is nothing like a trip to the Mohegan Sun.

This was Jen's first trip to a casino, and only my second, so we had a lot of fun gawking on our way into the game. I brought my handy digital camera with me, all determined to take some good shots of the game (or at least some embarrassing ones of Jen). However, I did not factor in the fact that I am a total chicken when it comes to certain things, and my seats weren't good enough to make up for it. Luckily, Pam is much tougher than I and boldly took my camera closer to the action. (Click on the photo at right for a little photo album. Sadly, my camera is not really meant for the action shots, but you get the general idea.) Pam even got the boot from security when she went behind the bench to get a shot. Jen and I watched from the stands, both amused and extremely proud.

After the Sun pretty much killed the Mystics (Beard's offense is still MIA and the Sun were clicking with Whalen back in the line-up), we hung out at the casino for some slot-machine action and some food. We just happened to swing by as the players were coming out. (Okay, so we waited outside the doors. Wouldn't you?) And we met Holdsclaw and Beard! And by we, I mean Pam once again took the initiative and got their autographs for me. They were both extremely nice and friendly, despite the fact that I was gawking like a 14-year-old girl at a Bon Jovi concert. And I would have a really sweet photo of Pam and Alana, but my digital camera chose that moment to die on me. Dammit. That's the last time I trust technology.

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