Tuesday, June 15

Summer resolutions

My mission at lunch today was to find something that made me happy. My first thought was the game on Sunday -- I've already got tickets and I can't wait to see Whalen, Beard, and Holdsclaw in action. And then I wondered why it was so hard for me to pinpoint the things in my life that make me happy. Maybe it's because I'm tired, and hot, and cranky, but I don't like this situation. I want the good things to outweigh the bad ones. I want my happiness to come first, and my crankiness to follow a distant second.

So, my mission this summer (should I choose to accept it?) is to either become a more positive person (ain't gonna happen, people) or to make myself do things because I enjoy them.

To that end, I'm not working out tonight. Maybe I'll go for a walk later if it cools off. Maybe I won't. But I will be enjoying the Sox game. And I will look forward to watching the Mystics on Sunday. And to visiting my family in Ohio in a few weeks (Dad's getting tickets to a Reds game -- that is going to be fun). And I will write long letters because I'm good at it. And send silly e-mails that amuse me. All summer long, I'm going to read as much as possible, watch as much sports as possible, and stick out my tongue whenever the world pisses me off.

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