Thursday, June 10

That's a wrap

Now that life is beginning to return to its normally scheduled plodding, I've been able to tie up a few loose ends: I finally watched the Lynx/Silver Stars game that I taped last week. (Go Lynx!) I did my laundry. I made a shopping list (somehow, the actual grocery store has continued to elude me). I cleaned out my inbox(es). I talked to my mom. I slept.

And last night, I finally finished The Da Vinci Code. It kinda ... sucked. I really enjoyed Angels & Demons, and though I expected some formulaic similarities in the Code, I didn't expect it to be almost an exact replica of the first book -- except much slower, and much, much less suspenseful. I'm going back to The Heart is a Lonely Hunter now. Sure, McCullers may depress the fuck out of me and remind me of the misery and uncertainty of my youth, my adulthood, and my everything else, but at least I know she's a good writer.

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