Monday, June 28

You were the love of my life for a day

I finally caught up with Firefly on DVD this weekend. Oh, my. It is, simply put, really, really, really good. F-ing Joss Whedon is amazing (which I knew, because Buffy and Angel ruled my world for a long time). The premise is simple: renegades in space. It's like a sci-fi Western. It's space cowboys. It's ... indescribable. And the captain is hot. I can't believe I missed this the first time around. Although I am a little glad I didn't get caught up in it right away because the typical network cancel-anything-good-and/or-anything-Jen-Garrett-likes maneuver would have killed me. Luckily, Firefly the series is becoming Firefly the movie, so all is not lost.

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