Wednesday, June 23

Your life's going down the toilet

I've stopped thinking. I don't know when exactly it happened, but I think I can trace it back to the NCAA tournament this March. No, wait, the Big East Tournament. That's when I lost control of the sports-to-thought ratio.

I realized yesterday that King's latest book was out and I didn't even know it. Not only was I ignorant of its release, but I haven't finished the last one he wrote. I'm way behind on my reading, and you want to know why? Sports. Last night, did I watch the season premiere of Nip/Tuck? No, and apparently I missed some seriously good shit. Did I whip up some delicious concoction for dinner? No, though I had all the ingredients and the recipe right in front of me. Did I spend several lovely, lazy hours dipping into one of the numerous books that are lined up, awaiting me? No, though I have stacks of books in my room. Did I watch the Red Sox game and weave back and forth between my computer (the f-ing Lynx totally choked) and the TV? Um, yeah. And when the Sox finished pummeling the Twins, turns out the Comets were playing the Storm on NBA TV. Who knew? Should I have gone to bed instead of watching a West Coast game? Um, yeah. Did I? Hell, no.

I'm beginning to get a little concerned, people.

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