Friday, July 30

Bourne again

I went to see the Bourne Supremacy today. (You realize how strange the title is when you think about it for far too long while you're waiting for the movie to start. Also, you begin to ask yourself, "Whatever happened to Josh Hartnett? He was hot," and just then the previews start, and you learn he's next appearing in a SWF-mutation called Wicker Park. You think you'll see it despite the flaws apparent already in the preview, because, as was previously mentioned, he's hot. Speaking of hot, isn't Matt Damon supposed to be on soon...?)

Matt Damon is indeed hot, though we learn early on in the film that he runs kinda goofy. Not as goofy as Tom Cruise runs in his movies (you'd think he'd have a contract clause that stipulated 'no filmed running' because he looks so stupid whenever he runs, but no) but goofy nonetheless. We also learn that Franka Potente looks strange with long hair. I know she's know longer Lola, but I miss the red. Just a little bit. And this is where the learning stops and fight scenes and car chases begin. I have a distant memory of the first movie, and I'm pretty sure there was more plot. There had to be because, truly, I don't have anything to summarize apart from my dislike of the shaky-cam during one fight scene (I'm not thinking kick-ass, I'm thinking I need Dramamine) and my intense love of the car chase at the end. True, they didn't use beautiful automobiles to smash up (going for realism, perhaps?), but there was still plenty of speed and lots of shots of Matt Damon shifting gears in what was truly a masterful and unbelievably hot way.

Other than that, I took away two hours of blissful AC and the knowledge that Joan Allen needs a cheeseburger, Julia Stiles is really annoying, and they are obviously planning a third movie. Now I need a Ben Affleck flick to cleanse my palate like a fine sorbet. Perhaps Armageddon?

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