Monday, July 26

We're no angels

When the sisters and I get together, it's a guaranteed good time. My sister got a blender for her birthday, so we had to christen it with several pitchers of margaritas. (My niece thought we were a little tipsy, but we're more than capable of being that silly with no alcohol at all.) Taking my vacation time to spend it with the family is always a tough decision for me -- I love my family, and since we all no longer live in the same state, we don't see each other that often. Spending my vacation this way means it's not all about me -- which can be a good thing, but sometimes I feel like I need another vacation just to recover from my first one.

And while my sisters and I are definitely not angelic, I did get to spend some serious time with this angel. I've got lots more pictures to bore you with, but it may take some time for me to muster up the energy for that much HTML.

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