Thursday, July 1

Whatever a spider can

One of the strangest things about me (or so I've been told) is my fear of insects. (I should probably say "vermin" since I intend to include spiders in the list of things with many legs that creep me out, and we all know spiders are arachnids, not insects.) This fear is perhaps a vestigial remnant of my girlhood, but I can't help it. If I have to, I can deal with the damn things, although this usually involves a lot of swearing, quite of bit of self-administered pep talks, and various episodes of extreme shuddering. If at all possible, I prefer others to remove said icky creatures from my presence.

That said, I went around for weeks after I saw the first Spider-Man trying to get webs to shoot out of my wrists. I'm still a little disappointed that I was never successful. And that's about all I remember from the first movie. Yet seeing the sequel today, I still thought, "Yeah. Better than the first one." Why was it better? I don't know. Was Kirsten Dunst less annoying? Not possible. Did James Franco chew the scenery less? Well, he's got a smaller part. Did Tobey Maguire show one hint of the talent which gave me such a crush on him after Wonder Boys? Sadly, no. Wait, I know! Willem Dafoe isn't in it. Not that I enjoyed Alfred Molino so much, but I really don't like Willem Dafoe. He's almost as creepy as insects.

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