Monday, August 16

Life is a B-Movie

Now, I love the Red Sox as much as the next completely irrational psychotic fan, but there must be some limits, people. Still, We Believe was okay because it was a documentary. True, I haven't been able to actually watch it because just the idea of Pedro, 8th inning, Aaron Boone ... Oh, sweet man Jesus, make it stop. Still, We Weep is what it should have been called. But I'm putting that behind me, for now I must look to the future -- to the next Red Sox movie.

I'm cruising the Boston Sports Blog this morning, and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Yeah, that's right, a movie about a Sox fan (Jimmy Fallon in what may be the world's most perfect casting) and the girl who falls for him (Drew Barrymore, who is always the right choice). I check out the details, and this movie is actually just a reworking of a previous movie (with the yummy Colin Firth) which was based on a novel by Nick Hornby. They've switched from soccer to baseball (which I can't argue with) and the source material is good (I make it a point to never argue with Nick). So, on the whole, I really can't complain. I just kind of ... want to.

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