Tuesday, August 3

Oh, the horror

In honor of my recent inability to sleep and my fascination/horror with Nip/Tuck, I give you the five movies that scare me the most:

1. Alien/Aliens. Grotesque aliens with acid for blood pop out of your chest. Enough said. Really.
2. The Dark Crystal. Don't worry, I'm just going to suck your essence, gelfling. How was Jim Henson involved in this?
3. Poltergeist. Bathtubs and TVs will never seem innocent again. Nor will cul-de-sacs.
4. Watership Down. Don't let the fuzzy bunnies fool you. Children should not watch this. Adults should not watch this. No one should watch this.
5. The Ring. It's just so creepy and so tantalizingly possible. It finds the horror that Urban Legend wishes it had.

Note: Fatal Attraction was briefly considered because of Glenn Close's hair alone, but was discarded due to the fact that it didn't really scare anyone but middle-aged married men.

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