Tuesday, August 31

Sweet dreams are made of this

I haven't been sleeping well lately, which is not entirely unheard of in JenLand, but somewhat unusual. What's truly strange, however, is the number of nightmares I've been having. And not ordinary bad dreams either -- no falling from buildings, no forgetting to take an exam, rampaging giant elephants, etc. Oh, no. These are creative nightmares. In a delightful combination of paranoia and fear, the other night I dreamt about a post-apocalyptic future. Except there was no real apocalyptic event -- it was all put on by government-types so they could do whatever they wanted. (I seem to recall one guy was particularly interested in a yacht.) It was freaky and very upsetting, and at one point, there was an enormous tidal wave coming my way. Luckily, I woke up before the water hit.

Last night, I had a dream about a murderous rampage through this house that I apparently lived in with several other people. My housemates and I are freaking out (as we don't particularly want to die), so at some point, I go to the library and do research. Yes, that's right: In the middle of a murder spree, I had time to do research on the cause of the bloodbath. At the library, I find this intensely creepy book which is all about the house in which we currently reside. Good times. Yeah, so it turns out the house is possessing people, causing them to kill. Apparently, this had happened enough times in the past that they wrote a book about it. And still rented the house out. And, if you could make it safely out of the house, you would be okay. Which was comforting, but not really.

You know, in truth, I would appreciate all this creative detail in my dreams if I weren't so damn terrified and tired when I woke up.

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