Saturday, September 25

Life in the big city

Currently, I'm fighting off a wave of irritation and irrational aggression. Apparently, there is a child's party going on nearby. Either that, or a bunch of men with really high-pitched voices are hitting something with a bat over and over and then squealing with glee. Either way, I want them to die.

Apparently, I'm not truly homicidal yet because some jackass in a yes-I-live-in-the-city-but-no-I-really-do-need-an-enormous-pickup-truck honked at me because I had the right of way and I used it. I didn't even flip him off. Maybe I'm getting sick. Maybe he's just lucky that the Stop 'n' Shop bought all new grocery carts, giving me a lift that raised my mood to just slightly below the completely insane mark.

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