Wednesday, October 20

Psyched up

Sleep? I don't need no frickin' sleep, man. I got the Sox. A couple of Mountain Dews, a few tunes, and I am good to go. I played the music so loud this morning, my car reverberated. It was glorious. And if anyone needs a little extra help getting pumped for tonight's historical event, may I recommend:

Cochise, Audioslave: I've been drinking life/While you've been nauseous
Lose Yourself, Eminem: Success is my only mothafuckin option, failure's not
Whatever, Godsmack: I don't like you anyway/I don't need your shit today/You're pathetic in your own way
Business, Eminem: Let's get down to business/I don't got no time to play around/What is this/Must be a circus in town, let's shut the shit down on these clowns/ Can I get a witness? Hell yeah.

If my boys need me to take the field, I'm ready.

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