Friday, October 8

Unremembered pleasures

I finally have a copy of Just a Geek, thanks to one of my favorite geeks. I've been wanting to read this for awhile, and not just because I was in love with Wesley Crusher when I was 13, though that may have had a significant impact on the whole thing. In fact, it's kind of weird how Wil's face keeps staring at me from my desk. Every time I see it, I have flashbacks to Teen Beat posters of WW that I used to hang in my bedroom. Next to Kirk Cameron and River Phoenix, of course. Reading Wil's blog is definitely one of the more surreal aspects of the internet. I want to say something smart about our celebrity-worshipping culture, and why we are all fascinated with these people's lives instead of our own, but really, I need to get reading.

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