Thursday, November 11

Open season

Last night, I went to BC's opening exhibition game, proving that yes, I am a freaky basketball fan. (What's next, going to practices? Traveling with the team? Insanity?) BC won easily, and I liked some of what I saw. Freshmen Shamika Jackson and Laura Lokitis looked good and relatively at ease on the floor. Jackson could be a future star of this team. Sarah Marshall is attempting to fill Amber Jacobs' shoes at the point, and I think you know how I feel about that. She doesn't read the floor that well yet, and she needs to work on getting the ball to her scorers. She's not the natural leader of the team, perhaps because she's just a sophomore. She's going to have to work against that, because both Deveny and Droesch seemed to be calling things more than she was. It was just an exhibition game, so coach tried out a bunch of different players together, which led to bad passes, shaky rebounds, and poor shooting. The starting players looked relatively strong together, and Brooke Queenan could have a great year.

I love college basketball season. Let the games begin!

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