Sunday, December 5

Checking it twice

Making a listAT&T Universal Card was smart enough to send me this this gem yesterday. It's ingenius! Spend more money! Buy more gifts! Use our card and go into massive debt once we pile on the interest charges! Interestingly enough, it arrived after my first gift-buying expedition of the season.

I love giving, but I hate shopping, and yesterday was no exception. Humiliation the first: I had to buy Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen for my niece. And I had to ask the guy at Best Buy where it was. (It's in the Disney section, in case any of you are similarly niece-afflicted.) At least when I bought the damn thing the cashier was nice enough to ask, "Uhhh ... this is a gift, right?" Thank you, cashier-guy, for allowing me to wrest back a modicum of dignity.

I was able to buy a bunch of stuff from my list, but there are miles to go before I wrap. Tragically, I won't be using my card for purchases this Christmas, but I think I will be using this little shopping-list keeper. I'm just dorky like that. (And yes, I am the girl at the grocery store who walks around with a list and a pen to check items off with. I like lists, okay?)

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