Friday, December 3

Needed: One soapbox, extra large

I don't know what exactly to say about this, other than it makes me sad. I know the church has the right to remove her as a minister, I just don't understand why they would want to. I mean, really. They are just feeding the Unitarian Universalists!

On a more serious note, it seems that coming out is a never-ending process, and it's a tough decision to keep doing it. Stroud came out to her congregation saying, "I have come to a place where my discipleship, my walk with Christ, requires telling the whole truth, and paying whatever price truthfulness requires." I think that's one of the hardest decisions a GLBT person has to make; once you're out to your friends and family, who else needs to know? It's your personal life. But at the same time, to me anyway, silence equals shame. Why should you hide this anymore than you would hide your love of Mountain Dew or your Barbra Streisand collection? Love is love, people. That's all.

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