Monday, December 13

Preemptive strikes

My roommate has taken to giving me gifts before the actual day of celebration (be it holiday or birthday). Yesterday, she gave me my birthday present: a lovely, red puffy coat. This is a gift on so many levels. One, it's a free coat (yay!); two, it's a red coat (which I would never buy for myself); and three, it's a coat I didn't have to go shopping to find. It's glorious, I say, glorious! Plus, holy fuck, it's yummy and warm. Winter, I fear thee not. Tonight, she came home and gave me another present. (I think she's on a roll. Nobody stop her.) She found a cookbook whilst she was out and bought it for me. Just because. (Anyone else get hungry when they read a cookbook? I waited until after dinner, but I was still starving by the time I was done flipping through it.)

While I find that I enjoy the preemptive gift-giving, the early card-senders can go to hell. Normally, my holiday cards are already in the mail by now, but I'm a little behind, okay? Now I'm coming home to cards already waiting for me, and people are going to think that I'm just sending my card out of a return-obligation. Not true! I have a list! You people were on it before I received your cards! Honest.

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