Saturday, January 22

Clean sweeping

I finally cleaned/organized what I have been referring to as "the exercise room" (complete with air quotes) this afternoon. It had become more of a storage room with an exercise bike stuck in the middle. But the acquisition of a mini-TV/VCR combo (thanks, Pam!) called for serious housekeeping. I discovered that Jen and I apparently have a deep, deep fear of being too hot, as we have four box fans, two standing fans, two window fans, and one tabletop fan. I also revisited the notion that perhaps magazine subscriptions are a bad idea for me, as I am apparently incapable of keeping up with them. I've got about six months of Sports Illustrated and Premiere magazines to catch up on. In addition, I am now firmly committed to finding out how to get rid of Jen and I's surplus electronics. Anybody need a stereo? Sure, the CD player part doesn't work, but the radio and cassette portions work great. I can also offer you a 19" color TV that is now a black & white set, or another 19" TV that no longer has its coaxial output (apparently, Jen is stronger than she knows). And really, you could probably safely take some fans off our hands, too.

Maybe I should clean out my closet, too, since it appears as though I'll be staying in for awhile. It's either that or actually use my exercise room.

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