Wednesday, January 12

No upset here

BC killed Villanova tonight, 77-63. I went in a little nervous -- Nova just upset Notre Dame, and their playing style (usually excruciatingly slow) can throw teams off their game. Surprisingly, BC dominated practically from the tip-off with a high-scoring, fast-paced match (the score would have been even higher if Coach hadn't pulled her starters with roughly four minutes remaining). Despite leading by 21 at one point, I was still screaming at the ref with about 8 minutes remaining in the game, when she called one of my players for "traveling." So, if you were anywhere in the vicinity, I was the crazy woman screaming, "I'd travel too if I got pushed!" I apologize.

Nova had no answer for Kathrin Ress, who pretty much got whatever she wanted (12-for-14 shooting, 28 points, 3 boards). And when Ress took a break, Aja Parham stepped right in, netting 17 points. And while Jessalyn Deveny was held to a meager 12 points, 7 boards, 3 assists, and 3 steals tonight, I still had to comment to Pam about how much we're going to miss her next year. It's not just the 18 ppg she averages (though that will be a huge loss), it's how she never gives up on the ball. She's 1/10th of a point away from leading the team in rebounding -- at 5'9. She's a tough defensive match-up, holding Liad Suez to 11 points tonight. It's her intangibles. (Oh, lord, how many sports cliches can I use in one post?)

Tonight's game really showcased how well BC is playing right now -- I hate to say it, but they're coming together as a team. I mean, really, 27 assists!?! All of which makes me hopeful for a nice, big win at Stanford.

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