Monday, January 24

Such great heights

In the aftermath of a record-setting blizzard, I like to stay at home and avoid the treacherous streets. Thusly, today I got to work from home, which means a delightful full day of work-type activities and then shoveling on my "lunch break." But the good news is the vertical lift on my snow-throw has achieved new heights. (It had to to get over the enormous mounds of snow in my front yard.) My eyes are crossed from proofreading and my arms are quivering from throwing snow. All in a good day's work.

Once I shoveled my car out, I took it out for a victory lap around the block. Which I would not refer to as fun, unless you consider spinning and twirling in a Saturn "fun." The roads are still for crap, people. Be careful out there. I would suggest staying at home and enjoying some nice blog reading. Might I suggest some Resplendently Pedestrian? Or perhaps a side of Gienna? Or for your entree, One Face Life? You can top it all off with a little sweet Smitten.

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