Friday, January 28

Their play girl, a careless gay girl

In other just-when-you-think-January-is-the-suckiest-month-ever news, last night the OC brought me even more joy than watching Jen put Sam in a coat. Oh, yes, Marissa, everyone's lock for "Girl in Most Need of a Burger," is getting a girlfriend. She's going to explore the love that dare not speak its name. I can't wait to see how they handle homos on the OC. (Well, aside from how they handled Luke's dad last season. And haven't we all been a little suspicious of Ryan and Seth? I mean, c'mon. Seth left the state when Ryan deserted him! Plus, there's a lot of hair gel going on there. Bygones.) What made me even happier than Marissa batting for both teams was my freakish instantaneous recollection that Mischa Barton had played a lesbian on Once and Again years ago. I miss Once and Again.

Title courtesy of the incomparable LaVern Baker.

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