Wednesday, January 26

There's always an upside to natural disasters

Sure, a blizzard is generally looked upon as a bad thing. I myself may have complained about the 800 million pounds of snow being dumped on my driveway over the last several days, forcing me into early decrepitude with hours upon hours of shoveling. Initially, I thought blizzard=bad. Who wouldn't, right?

But now I have seen the light. For many moons I have longed, lusted, and pined for an iPod. Its milky whiteness. Its shiny silverness. Its mega-music-storingness. All so pretty. So shiny. So tiny. So fucking expensive. And I couldn't justify the expense. I exercise at home, where I have a stereo. I drive to work, in a car with a stereo. I work at Swelles, where a glorious Mac awaits me, giving me hours of iTunes on my headphones. Where would I use the iPod? Where?

Now I know. I'll use it while I'm shoveling.

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