Tuesday, January 4

Wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too?

You know, I never wanted to be a pepper. Mostly because I hate Dr. Pepper. It just tastes so fucking weird, man. It's like Coke mixed with something gross. Which makes it a complete mystery to me as to why I am currently drinking Diet Dr. Pepper. Sure, it tastes more like real Dr. Pepper, but when the taste of real Dr. Pepper is gross, is that really something you want to tout? Perhaps it is, because here I am, drinking this foulness. I think because I don't like the taste of the real stuff, the diet taste doesn't bother me as much. That's all I can figure out, because I won't drink any other diet soda.

(On a side-Jen-Garrett-is-crazier-than-usual-this-week-note, they don't put a period after the Dr in Dr Pepper, but that shit freaks me out, so I went ahead and put it in above.)

(And on a second and additional crazy side note, they make Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper?!? What the fuck is going on here, people?)

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