Wednesday, February 23

Anger management

I wasn't going to blog about this, but it made me so mad, I can't help myself. Really, it's almost too asinine to even refute. I click through a link on the excellent Women's Hoops Blog, and find this: "A battle of the sexes has been going on for some time in women's college basketball, and the men have been losing so much ground they're in danger of becoming extinct," Scarbinsky writes. Extinct? Really? How can anyone still think this crap? Are women in power (what little and marginal power there is in women's college basketball, for fuck's sake) really that threatening? Well, okay, Pat is scary. But in a good way.

And in case anyone is wondering, according to a recent Women in Sport study, 44.1% of coaches of women's teams are female. Yeah, that'd be less than half. Percentage of women coaching men's teams? Yeah, that'd be less than 2 per cent. And in women's basketball, where Mr. Scarbinsky is so frightened of the female coach? Where there are hardly any men left standing? 60.7 per cent of the coaches are women, leaving men a negligible 39.3 per cent. Wow, that is close to extinction.

Well, now that I've gotten a little feminist ranting out of my system, I feel better. 60.7 per cent better, anyway.

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