Tuesday, February 15


I've been so on edge lately -- wait, not on edge, on the edge. Like I'm just holding my breath to keep from pitching forward into god knows what. And maybe I need to fall, maybe it would be better, or easier, than this constant leaning back, balancing, holding on for just a few minutes more until I can make it to home base. I kind of lost it tonight, felt my feet slipping off the precipice, and I wanted someone to pull me back out of that place. If you're lucky, there are maybe one or two people in the world who can defuse those moments for you. Without even trying, they remind you why you keep pushing air in and out of your lungs. They just need to be to make the world a little easier to live through.

But I didn't make the call, didn't reach out for someone to save me, choosing instead to teeter here, wind at my back.

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