Monday, February 7

From a different angle

A friend said something to me last week that has been taunting me ever since. He said I was too forgiving, which I don't think many people would agree with, myself included. And another friend said, "You're a happier person than you think, Jen Garrett." Do my friends actually know me better than I know myself? Am I a happy and forgiving person? Why do I feel like Carrie Bradshaw as I'm typing this?

I have to question these things, because tonight after drinks with an old college friend, we decided to try on prom dresses at the mall. Look, it sounded like a good idea after a few margaritas, okay? And, in fact, it was a good idea. It was fun trying on poufy dresses with intricate straps that we couldn't figure out. And I looked ... kinda pretty. So, if in fact I can look good in a poufy dress, maybe I am happier than I think. Maybe I'm more forgiving than I think. Maybe this bridesmaid thing won't be so horrible after all.

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