Wednesday, February 2

In dreams you know me

I was the subject of a psychology study -- in my dream last night, at least. And the psychologist wrote a book about me, and I'm thinking, "Fuck, I am crazy," but then I'm reading the book and I realize there are several problems, shall we say. At one point, the author quotes me saying "Hella blah blah" and I'm outraged! Outraged! I've never used "hella" in my life. "Wicked," sure, but not "hella." And then, to further document my insanity, he talks about how I claim to be a great swimmer, but really I suck. And all I can think is, Of all the things I'd lie about, swimming is not one of them. I can't swim! I don't just suck, I drown! Clearly, the shrink got it all wrong. Except for the crazy part.

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