Friday, February 25

Just follow the signs

Last night, whilst driving in Waltham (home to my lovely hairdresser who does wonders with the walking disaster that is my hair), I saw a sign that said: "No jake braking." Which kind of made me step on my brakes, but then I let up immediately for fear that I was jaking. What the hell is "jake braking" and why have I never noticed this sign before?

With a little intrepid reporting skills, I have discovered the origin of "jake brakes," but I still feel like "jake braking" should be slang for something else. I'm going to use it to refer to the maneuver you perform when the guy behind you is following too closely, so you slam on your brakes to piss him off. Or maybe it should refer to those people who brake repeatedly for no discernible reason? Tough call.

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