Tuesday, March 15

Green means go

While watching the latest installment of Project Greenlight tonight, I finally learned the answer as to why I haven't skyrocketed to international fame and fortune (and no, it's not because I haven't done anything): I don't drink enough coffee. In fact, I don't drink any coffee at all. I'm screwed.

I also learned that my freakish attraction to men who swear with authority continues unabated. Matt Damon dropped the f-bomb like it was going out of style, and all of a sudden, I wanted to have 10,000 of his babies. Trouble is, I've never liked Matt. I'm a Ben girl from way back. Hopefully Ben will swear next week, and the world will be restored to its proper order.

But the most important lesson of all to be had from bad reality TV? Even the losers get to have a beer with Matt and Ben.

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