Wednesday, March 2

March madness or why you should beware the ides

I hate this time of year. Nothing good is going to happen for months. Certainly nothing good is going to happen this week. My computer is currently sending some weird call out to the mother ship. The Saturn has a wicked shimmy whenever I go over 60 MPH, probably a tortured alignment from all the potholes in the shitty "roads" here in the Bay State. I have to shop for a bridesmaid dress on Friday.

And this morning, I crossed some previously unknown yet still substantial line in road rage: I've started to give the finger preemptively. You know when you're driving along, and you see someone creeping out into the rotary, and you say, "Don't even think about it"? Well, now I say that and accompany it with the finger. I gave the finger this morning to some innocent minivan driver, and I don't know why. I think it's because I suspected they were going to do something out of line. Or maybe because their car was taupe. One of those two.

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