Tuesday, March 8

Sometimes it's good to, like, think and stuff

I went to a poetry reading tonight, and though yes, I am just that big a dork, I did, in fact, go for work. It was a reading of Robert Lowell's "For the Union Dead" by Frank Bidart, a student of Lowell's and an amazing professor and poet in his own right.

I'd forgotten how much I love poetry, how much I enjoy taking it apart line by line, stringing together the imagery, listening to how words sound when spoken carefully and deliberately. During the Q&A following the reading, someone commented on the line "the ditch is nearer" and how it puzzled her. I had my own theory on what it meant, but I kept it to myself, enjoying for just a few moments feeling like I was back in class, with nothing more to do than puzzle over a bit of poem.

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