Thursday, March 24

Start me up

Sure, it's been nearly eight months since I said I needed to round out my top five best song beginnings ever, but I never forget a top five list. Especially when it involves listening to songs at extremely high volumes in my car.

In rough order, here are the Top Five Best Song Beginnings Ever (Because I Said So):
1. Your Time is Gonna Come. Lyin. Cheatin. Hurtin. That's all you seem to do. 'Nuf said.
2. Separate Ways. Who doesn't know that that beat means some serious Journey is coming your way? Classic.
3. Cochise. Wait for it. Wait for it. Now.
4. Daughter. Alone. Listless. Breakfast table in an otherwise empty room.
5. Chemicals Between Us. Just ... right.

Bush edged out Seven Nation Army. You can't deny that beat. It's persistent, it's fabulous, and we still don't understand why we're going to Wichita, but it's one hell of a ride.

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