Tuesday, May 3

I was maimed by rock and roll

You begin to suspect that something may be slightly awry with your psyche when you dream about buying an iPod. Okay, since I really want an iPod (and I have for awhile now), it’s not that strange. What is strange is that, even in my dream, I understood that I couldn’t afford an iPod. And that I didn’t need it. And I’m not sure how it’s all connected, but I’m pretty sure my newfound fascination with Wilco’s Being There (Disc 2) is tied up in this mess somewhere. I can’t stop listening to the damn thing, and I blame Sarah and certain Rhode-Island-based influences. And I can’t decide if Sunken Treasure is my favorite or if it’s Someone Else’s Song. I’m also kind of fond of Dreamer in My Dreams. Which may, in fact, explain everything.

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