Wednesday, May 11

Kevin Millar, hit my car!

That's our boy
Since when does screaming that like a psycho work? Since last night, apparently. Yup, that's right, not only was I at the game (oh, the glorious powers of Fenway), but I was there to cheer my boy on despite the pain of his two costly errors and previous crap at-bats. I was hoping last night would yield my other boyfriend's first homer of the season, but I'll take Kevin's second homer to win the game, 3-2. Arroyo pitched beautifully (I love that skinny bastard), and I think he tried really hard to not beat Millar with his glove, screaming, "Foot on the bag, motherfucker! Foot on the bag!"

It truly was a glorious evening. Katie, though she bruises like fruit, took my hitting her throughout the game in stride. And we enjoyed celebratory drinks with Leigh and her boy, which was almost as good as the win itself. For the complete set of crappy JenGarrett photos from Fenway, check this shit out, yo.

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