Friday, May 6

My mind is filled with silvery stars

I went out for drinks last night after work, which isn't that unusual, but it did distress some of my friends that I was doing it alone. Look, it was Cinco de Mayo, and I wanted a drink. Or 12. Whatever. The margaritas were fabulous. (Seriously, I would marry that beverage if I weren't already promised to the Dew.) I did find it a little funny that I was the only woman in the bar alone. Plenty of men just stopping in to grab a beer and a bite, but girls can't do it alone, apparently. I read my book, enjoyed my burger, and reveled in some good, old-fashioned people watching.

And then I had to shop to sober up (surprisingly effective). But I am here to tell you this, people: Shopping after drinking? Good. Shopping for a sports bra after drinking? Not the best idea I've ever had. Because when you're in the dressing room jumping up and down to make sure there's no bouncing, and then you stop ... well, all of sudden you remember that you did just imbibe several margaritas. And the dressing room isn't supposed to spin like that.

Nevertheless, I did get a fabulous new sports bra. And the world's fucking cutest Red Sox tee ever. There will be a photo, I assure you. I'm physically incapable of owning Sox gear and not taking a picture of myself in it.

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