Sunday, June 26

Everyone needs an outlet

I went to the Wrentham outlets for the first time today, and all I have to say is: Why haven't I been before? Outlet shopping is good times, people, even if you're not allowed to spend money. I got to help a friend spend his money, so that helped. I tried on the cutest shoes at the Kenneth Cole outlet, but as I have no need for red flats, I had to walk away. And that was really, really hard. However, there was nothing keeping me from buying running gear at the Saucony outlet. I got two great tank tops (all wicking and shit -- pictures TK), and I realized that the shoes I just spent $80 on could be had for $45. At least I know where to go when I need replacements. Or when I need to spend an afternoon walking around, shopping for good stuff, cheap.

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